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Need Hemming, Buttons Replaced or Clothes Altered in Any Way?

An exceptional and professional dry cleaner is one that offers over and above of what they are typically required to do. That means doing more than stain removal up to and including alterations. Here’s some good news. You can get your Alterations in Mission Viejo done professionally. We have a dedicated team of trained and seasoned tailors as part of the staff.

These are the individuals who are in charge of handling wardrobe malfunctions which you would otherwise have to deal with yourself.

Repair and alterations are offered for all kinds of materials as well as linens and draperies.

Alterations in Mission Viejo California

It doesn’t matter what kind of style or fabric, you can expect a perfect job when it is done. The truth of the matter is that it can be quite difficult sometimes to find a dry cleaning company that offers alterations near Mission Viejo. The good news is that if you find one, it will be well worth your while to say the least. Alterations are not something to be left to just anyone.

Some of the services we offer include repairing or replacing lost buttons, button resets, fixing tears and rips, hem and/or waist adjustments, zipper replacements and patch placements among many other services. Here are detailed explanations about some of the alterations and repair services we have to offer.

Replacing of lost buttons

It doesn’t matter how expensive and how high quality a shirt is, at one point buttons will come off. It’s actually why there are extra buttons sewn on the placket underside. The good news is that button replacement and repair is the simplest task for a dry cleaner that offers alterations.

Hemming and waist adjustments

Most typical dry cleaning service providers do not pride themselves with having the technical know how on how to sew in original hems. Such kinds of hems call for one to cut off the original hem and replacing the same hem neatly to create a new presentation altogether. By letting us do this for you, your trousers will always fit to perfection and they will appear custom made just for you. The kind of hemming we are talking about here is way better than the traditional styles of hemming. Another reason to leave your alterations with us!

Fixing of tears and rips

Picture your distraught husband or wife crying over their worn out or torn favorite pair of jeans or slacks. People are always attached to these garments and cannot imagine having to let them go let alone replacing them. The best news that a person can get is that not only does our dry cleaning service offer cleaning services, we also offer superior tailoring skills that help bring a smile back to you and loved ones.

Size adjustments

Change is inevitable and the reality is that every so often you may have to change the size of what you wear either because you lost weight or added a few pounds. It’s just the way life is. When you are faced with either of these scenarios, you don’t have to throw out your entire wardrobe and start from scratch all over again. You can still look good and stylish in your old clothes. How? By making them the perfect fit for you. This is where we come in. We have the skills to let in/out sizes thereby creating the perfect fit for whatever body size you are at that particular moment.

Patch placements

Rips and tears can take the beauty out of a garment of any kind. Most times when one purchases a particular garment with a specific pattern or print, it is because they saw something they liked about it. When the fabric suffers a really big tear or rip, sometimes the only option is to have it patched up.  We can do this exceptionally well and this will eventually save you a lot of money since paying for a patch is more affordable than buying the whole garment all over again.

Zipper replacement and repairs

Jackets and coats often need zippers to be replaced or pockets stitched on. The same case applies for jeans and slacks. Expert dry cleaning services like us are able to do so much more than clean these for you. If you need any replacement to your zippers without the whole pair of jeans coming off as tacky, we are the people for that job.

Whatever your needs are, know that you can now access alterations near Mission Viejo. So why not stop on by or give us a call if you have any inquiry. We will be more than happy to address all your questions and you can trust us to give you all the help you need with your alternations and repairs.

In summary, alterations cover the following items:

  • Hemming
  • Fixing Buttons
  • Zippers
  • Rips, Tears and Holes

Call Crown Valley Cleaners today for all of your Alterations needs.