When it comes to our clothing, shrinking and tough stains are often the most common problems encountered.  Although laundry may sound simple to some, this process is sensitive and proper care should be implemented.

An article published on Emirates Women website shared some laundry hacks everyone should be knowledgeable of.  All hacks and tips mentioned are discussed for the purpose of teaching everyone the ways on how to avoid damage on clothes.

Instead of throwing stained clothes straight in the machine, let them sit for around 15 minutes in a concoction of household products.”

“Open zippers and accessible bra hooks are more likely to catch on your clothes as they tumble around in a cycle.”

These are just some of the tips being shared on the article.  Others may include stopping the  use of hot washing and avoiding stretch hand-washing.

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Special events do not only offer excitement and happenings but also worry of getting stains and dirt on your good clothes that are hard to remove. There are types of fabrics which can’t be hand-washed so a dry cleaning expert is often the best resort.  Finding the best dry cleaning company to take care of your clothes can be a very wise investment.

However, there are still concerns when it comes to the quality rendered by dry cleaning companies. In one article for instance, which is written by Jolie Kerr, it is said that not everything you bring to a dry cleaner gets dry cleaned properly.

“When you bring clothes into the dry cleaner, they will assess them to determine what sort of treatment is required. A good example of this is dress shirts, which are typically not dry cleaned by the dry cleaner. Nuts, right? Well, not exactly — what happens when you send items like dress shirts, which are made from washable fabrics, out for cleaning is that they will be laundered in a washing machine with soap and water, just as you’d do at home or at a laundromat.”

“Garments that are made of more sensitive fabrics or that have embellishments like beading, sequins, feathers, or fringe (your basic flapper wardrobe, essentially) get the dry cleaning treatment.”

Despite all the doubts, dry cleaning is still an effective tool in removing tough stains while caring for your fabric.

“Dry cleaning is great for many things, including and especially the removal of oil-based stains. It’s also crucial for cleaning the aforementioned sensitive fabrics and items with embellishments.”

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Right knowledge when choosing a reliable dry cleaning company is very important so make sure you’re ready to take some extra effort in finding the best one for you.

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